Matching Duffles

In years gone by it may seem like a slight cliché for you and your other half to step out in matching coats. Walkers seem to thrive on this fashion faux pas, yet in the news recently, celebrities have been pulling on their matching coats and stepping out on the streets, completely shame free.

Maybe its time to re think our wardrobes and take a fashion tip from Kym Marsh and her partner Jamie Lomas. The couple was spotted wearing identical Duffle coats on their way to Old Trafford for the Manchester vs Blackburn Rovers game.

Kym Marsh famous for her singing turn acting career as a main part in Corrie and her partner Jamie Lomas- Warren Fox in Hollyoaks, both work black Duffle coats with leather shoulder pads and looked quite the couple.

You may not want to have exactly the same colour coats but a family of Duffle coats is completely cute, fashionable and practical. They are fantastic winter coats. The thick fabric protects against the wind and rain and the fit of the coat allows you to still move around freely without feeling restricted.

When it comes to very bad matching coats and styles to avoid we’ve found a few, including colour co-ordination and badly fitted jackets and these are from celebrities such as Sir Paul McCartney and Tom Cruise.

Whether you like the thought of a matching coat or not, we think Duffle Coats are ace and a great investment that will last the test of time and become a favourite coat for the whole family. If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, treat yourself to a new coat this January, you’ll be pleased you did, you never know, you may start a matching revolution.