Transitional weather dressing made easy

Ok, spring is upon us and in just a few weeks’ time we’ll all be basking in glorious sunshine and blistering temperatures, but for many of us there’s still a bit of a nip in the air. That means you need to dress accordingly with clothes that are light enough to not be overpowering whilst being heavy enough to provide warmth when you need it, so read on for a few ways to get your transitional wardrobe sorted.

The most important thing you need to remember is that it’s all about layers. A thin cardigan can be a great way to cover up when the sun goes in whilst being easy enough to peel off when you get too hot, and make sure to have plenty of suitable tops for a capsule wardrobe that works. It’s all about light fabrics to ensure you can breathe, setting you up for the summer season whilst ensuring you’ve got the temporary protection that you need, and you can easily incorporate some of the key trends of the season as well. Baroque might sound too much for this time of year but if you stick to a few key pieces you can’t go wrong—a baroque skirt teamed with a lighter top and cardi could be ideal, letting you embrace the trend without going for heavy fabrics.

Once that’s sorted you need to look for a cover up, and whilst there are plenty of options to choose from we don’t think you can beat a short duffle. You might not need it for long but it could be invaluable when there’s a chill in the air, and as an added bonus it’ll be ready and waiting when autumn hits again. So, make sure to go for light fabrics and a few layers and you’ll have the ultimate transitional wardrobe to set you up for the season ahead.