The real truth about wooden toggles and buffalo horn toggles



In the world of duffle coat wearers, a war has been raging for years.

And there’s no sign of a peace treaty any time soon.

What are they battling over?


That’s right.

If you’re a duffle coat virgin, you might not get it. For you, a toggle is a toggle is a toggle, right?

Because for duffle coat aficionados, you’re either all about the wood, or in love with buffalo horn. And there’s no changing sides.


What wooden toggle lovers believe:


Those who swear by wooden toggles believe that only a wooden toggle makes a Montgomery duffle authentic. After all, the very first duffles worn by the British Navy had wooden toggles.


What the buffalo horn lovers believe:


The buffalo horn believers favour the smooth polished buffalo horn toggles that were introduced in the 1950s, when duffle coats became a fashion item. For them, wooden toggles are so last century. Or even the century before the last century (keep up).


Can we let you into a secret?


Whether you opt for wooden toggles or buffalo horn, it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you wear a duffle coat.

That’s it.

Now, will you tell the warring parties or shall we?