Must tweed be worn with beards?

harrisThis is NOT a hipster beard. But it IS Harris Tweed


The beard thing grew slowly. If you’ll pardon the pun.

It started off harmlessly enough down in the capital. There, hipsters were spotted with big, bushy beards. Not only that, they wore tweed.

The tweed bit we understood. The beard thing…well it was fine for youngsters down in the smoke.

And then it happened. The trend started to spread.

In cities as far north as Reading hipsters, tweed and beards were seen. In public.

Here in Leicester, we shook our heads. The tweed ‘n’ beard combo will never catch on, we thought.

Readers, we were wrong.

The beards and tweed came to our fair city.

Did clean-shaven Richard III turn in his (car park) grave? We’ll never know.

And actually, after a while, we got used to the beard thing. And we loved the tweed thing. (Mainly because our Harris Tweed jackets were flying off the shelves.)

And now that the beard trend seems to be fading, we can’t help but feel a little sad. We kind of miss the hairy-faced hipsters we’d got used to seeing around town.

Ah well. Although the beards may have departed, our Harris Tweed is still with us.