The makings of a Montgomery

The original Montgomery duffle coat really has stood the test of time. It first appeared in the 1890s and since then has gone from strength to strength, yet it hasn’t changed much in design since the very first Monty coat was produced—that, we think, is a testament to the quality and sheer functionality of this kind of coat.

The Montgomery was originally designed for Naval use but it soared in popularity during the First and Second World Wars, with its warmth and practicality making it a key piece of clothing for military personnel, and in fact it was the famous wearer of Field Marshall Montgomery who eventually gave the coat its name. After the war the Monty coat became popular with the public too and it continues to be so to this very day, with the best and original Montgomery coats (such as ours) being proudly made in England.

This kind of coat is made with only the finest of fabrics to ensure its quality and suitability for the job in hand, with its heavy, warm material being a key part of the Monty design. The oversized hood and adjustable neck fastening provide additional warmth whilst offering space for a hat underneath (the hood was originally designed to accommodate a Naval cap), and the toggles allow for easy fastening in even the coldest of conditions. True Montgomery duffle coats are made from double-sided fabric that’s been woven together rather than being stuck or glued, offering a weatherproof barrier for a superior and durable result.

Every single Montgomery duffle coat is based on the original Monty design from all those years ago, and we’re proud to say that we still manufacture all of our coats in England. We’re one of the few companies who can claim that level of quality, and if you want to experience the makings of a Montgomery then make sure to take a look around and you’ll soon appreciate the years of history that have gone into your purchase.