Office staples to see you through the spring.

Whilst it’s easy to dress for spring on your own time, when it comes to the working week you might be slightly more limited in your choice. The need to look smart and professional can often get in the way of comfort and style, but if you invest in a few key pieces you’ll be able to look good whilst meeting the company’s dress code.

To begin with, it’s worth thinking practical. Layering is key to the whole thing because we’ve all been stuck in an office where the air con is on the blink, so always carry a thin cardigan for added warmth or you could style-up your look with a blazer. But, the accessories will be where you can really show your spring style credentials. Adding a belt to your usual outfit can instantly put you bang on-trend, and as for bags, shoes and jewellery you’re spoilt for choice—the tribal look is big this season or if you want something a bit softer then stay stylish with sorbet colours, or you could even stick to the tried and trusted monochrome look with hints of white in your shoes or bag.

As for the men—well, you might think that a suit and tie will be the order of the day, but if you play it right you might get away with a little bit more. Smart, dark jeans can often take the place of work trousers for a bit of added comfort, or if you really want to stay on-trend you could keep a lookout for ultra-smart chinos. Again, you might like to play around with colour and blazers are big all-round, so there are plenty of opportunities to experiment.

Of course, it all depends on your specific place of work—different companies will have different expectations from their employees, so you might be given more or less free rein accordingly. It all comes down to hitting the high street and seeing what’s out there to suit your place of work, but don’t forget about the coat just yet—those early mornings and late nights can still be chilly, so you’ll still want your trusty duffle coat to see you through a little bit longer.