The Duffle Coat- Your cold snap saviour!

What did we tell you? After being treated a run of unseasonably glorious temperatures the cold snap is back with a vengeance. Yep, the good old British weather has foiled us again—no sooner were we getting used to a bit of pre-season sunbathing than we’re back in the jumpers, and if you were too quick to pack away your winter clothes it’s time to liberate your coat from the depths of the wardrobe pronto.

Your trusty duffle will be your cold snap saviour. It’s warm enough to cope with even the most biting of winds and the oversized hood will add extra protection against the rain and snow that’s set to descend over the next few days (snow in April?!), and it’ll be ideal for those chilly evenings when you’re stuck at the office.

Don’t be fooled by the thermometer either—it may say that it’s 6-9°C but the windchill factor will make it feel closer to zero, and you wouldn’t want to be caught without a coat in that! It’ll feel even colder after you were starting to adapt to warmer climates and if you haven’t got many jumpers close at hand your duffle coat will be a lifesaver, and if you keep it close by for a few more days you’ll be able to see through the cold snap without having to be a shivering wreck.

But, fear not. Temperatures are set to rise again by the weekend and we could be seeing some sunshine start to break through just in time for Easter Monday, so you never know, we might even have a warm-ish bank holiday! Your duffle coat could still be needed for a fair time to come though so always keep it handy, and you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a superhero-style coat at your side.