Give your duffle some TLC

Ah, your trusty duffle coat. It’s been your constant companion throughout those long winter months, providing warmth and comfort on even the coldest of days. It’s been there through thick and thin, becoming more of a friend than a coat (we may be getting carried away here), so isn’t it time that you returned the love? It’s almost time to relegate it to the back of the wardrobe and whip out your summer alternative, but if you want to make sure it’s in tip-top condition come autumn then a giving it a bit of TLC will be well worth it.

The most important thing you can do is give it a good old clean, and dry cleaning will be the only option. Yes, it’s expensive but the results you’ll get will be more than worth it, helping to ensure you can enjoy your duffle for years to come. Make sure to pay close attention to any stains and if necessary pay extra to have them removed—you wouldn’t want an unsightly mark to suck the joy out of your beautiful coat, and when you get it back you’ll find it looks as good as new.

Make sure to store it carefully as well. Don’t just shove it in the wardrobe, creased and unloved, because if you do it certainly won’t look its best when autumn comes around. Ideally you’ll want to keep it covered so there’s no chance of it getting dusty (your dry cleaner might have provided a suitable coat bag) and always hang it up so it keeps its shape, and if possible keep a lavender-scented bag in your wardrobe as well.

It may seem old fashioned but your granny did it for a reason—not only will it keep your wardrobe sweet-smelling (thereby avoiding the dreaded muskiness) but it can help keep moths at bay too, because you wouldn’t want your lovely coat to be ruined by those perilous creatures. Spend some time on these few simple processes and you can be confident that your coat will stay looking good for longer, giving you many more happy seasons with your beloved duffle.