Stylish Duffle Coat

Now I am not getting my claws out, but it is time to vent my anger about a specific fashion faux-pass that really irritates me. This fashion-faux pass in question is the vogue for grown women to dress like small school girls. I am talking about knee-high socks, Mary Jane’s, dresses with round collars and pinafores reminiscent of school days.

I know that perhaps I should lay the blame on fashion designers and their catwalk creations; however, I somehow feel that this is more down to the choices made by the women that wear such creations. I also know that the cute look is somewhat fashionable, but, news flash, when we say the cute look we do not mean that you should dress like a thumb sucking small child, there is a difference between looking fashionable and looking like this.

This said, one item of clothing that is reminiscent of childhood and a certain discerning teddy bear, yet still suits adults is of course the duffle coat. This iconically fashionable coat still remains one of the nation’s favourite cover-ups during the cold winter months.

It cannot be denied, this classic garment timeless yet quirky, but don’t just take our word for it. Celebrities speak volume when it comes to style and let’s face it no celebrity is more stylish than Agyness Dean. The fashionista that is Agyness Dean has been spotted out in her duffle coat on many an occasion as well as Lilly Allen. These girls sure do share a terrific sense of style!

So there you have it ladies, pinafores, Mary Jane’s and Knee-high socks are a definite no no, however if you did want to reverse the old clock back to times of childhood then the duffle coat is a definite yes. It is a stylish fashion masterpiece that has defied time in its quest to become the staple good of the Autumn/Winter wardrobe and so should be in every person’s wardrobe!