Five things we love about spring

We all sigh in relief when we hear the bleating of baby lambs, see the colour return to the trees and don’t feel ridiculously cold any more. This is because we sense that better things are to come, when we wave goodbye to winter we welcome spring with open arms, as after the fresh month of spring comes the hot month of summer, excited much?

We love the sun

The sun has got its hat on, hip hip hip hurray, the sun has got its hat on and it’s coming out to play. Enough said!

We love the experiments

Experimenting with clothing, mixing your beloved duffle coat with your favourite skinny jeans and patent pumps in the early days of spring. Experimenting with what you put in your summer fruit cocktails. Experimenting with a different pub-garden every summer lunch time. The experiments are endless.

We love the semi- nudity

Not in a perverse way of course, but rather the way that makes you really feel as though summer has arrived. The summer dresses, the sandals and the shorts.

We love the florals

Spring is the time for florals, whether they be in your home on your clothing or even in your hair. Embrace this classic theme and get up to date with spring florals.

We love the colours

During the winter months we all tend to stick with dull colours such as black, brown and camel, however, spring/summer are the seasons to really indulge in bright, vibrant colours. Get out your favourite yellow cardigan, dig your pink summer dress out of the back of the wardrobe and get colourful.

Don’t worry we haven’t forget: all though you will unfortunately not see us through summer and will have to retreat in the wardrobe until next winter, Mr duffle coat we still Love you!