Spring racing season lets us have fun with fashion

Australian fashion tends to be on the more relaxed, laid back end of the scale, particularly at this time of year when we need to start dressing for comfort and coolness rather than paying too much attention to wider trends, but spring racing season can let us forget all that for a bit. It’s a chance to really have some fun with fashion and go all-out to make a true statement, being slightly formal yet truly elegant and oh-so chic.

Racing season is the perfect opportunity to dress up, because here in Australia we don’t get all that many excuses (bar the occasional wedding) to really go all-out in our clothing choices. It’s a great place to go if you want to get dolled up in your fashion finery with outrageous hats and headpieces being a must, and there’s simply no other occasion you’d be able to get away with being quite so dressed up.

The younger generation are quickly getting in on the action, too. It’s a social and fashion event as much as it is about the horses, and although there are some rules you need to adhere to (knee-length hemlines, covered shoulders and appropriate headwear) it doesn’t mean you can’t bend the rules a bit from time to time. Being a bit daring and adventurous is what fashion is all about, and of course, it’s the perfect opportunity for a splurge.

Take a look at Kate Middleton for a bit of race wear inspiration. Always flawlessly dressed, Kate is the epitome of sophisticated, ladylike style, with elegant outerwear and stylish yet demure skirts and dresses being her signature. It’s this kind of look we need to emulate for race day, perhaps with a bit of a modern twist if you’re daring enough, so get out there and get dolled up and you can have some fun with fashion this racing season.