The duffle for men

Guys, if you’re looking for a coat that can be your winter failsafe all season long, look no further than the trusty duffle. It’s the pea coat’s younger brother and offers some much-needed variety into proceedings, with this style being just as versatile as the double-breasted alternative and, dare we say it, even more stylish. It has its roots in military history with it being first developed for use by Naval Officers in the First World War, and since then it’s become a staple part of wardrobes everywhere.

But just what makes it so good? Well, the design makes it ideal for this time of year. The knee-length look is the norm (although there are several shorter varieties available too) which offers the warmth and coverage you need for even the coldest of days, whilst the deep pockets are perfect for all those man gadgets that need to be carried around. The toggle closures offer a stylish touch whilst being practical too—there’s no need to faff around with fiddly zips—and the oversized hood can keep you warm without needing to flatten carefully-coiffed hairstyles.

These days there are plenty of different styles and colours to choose from, with the slightly closer fit of modern versions making it the perfect complement to any outfit necessary whilst ensuring you’ll stand out in the sea of bland alternatives. It can be just as suitable for the working week as it can be for the weekend, and with such an iconic pedigree you can be confident you’re in good company—people can’t get enough of this style with designers, fashionistas and the everyman alike all coveting a bit of duffle goodness, so add it to your winter wardrobe and you’ll have the ultimate winter coat that can see you through this season in style.