Reach for the Trench Coat

Traditional Favourite

The Trench coat has been a favourite of many wearers for years. The description of a traditional Trench or raincoat was a Knee length coat, which was waterproof and generally made from heavy-duty cotton, wool or leather. The original Trench coat was designed for the British and French soldiers in the First World War. Burberry and Aquascutum rival each other in who was the original inventor of the Trench coat. It became an option for the officers in the British Army, which they could purchase if required.

Fashion Moving Forward

Since World War 2, Trench coats have been incredibly popular for their business like appearance. They became the choice of overcoats for Mods during the 60’s. Today Trench coats can be found on the high street and from the top fashion designers. I’ve taken the time to pick out the best trench coats on the market, ready for autumn and winter this year.

The best of today’s Trench coats

Starting with the high street and affordable Trench Coats, Warehouse offers this modern coat with traditional base. A belted trench coat, which flares out at the waist.

If you’re looking for something unique for little ladies, this All Saints child’s Trench coat is stunning, with a large funnel neck, totally in the style of an asymmetric piece of clothing from All Saints.
For the Man about town, Amazon have a great range of coats, I particularly like this Grey double Pea Wool half Trench coat with all the buttons and straps of an original.

If you’re thinking about investing in designer wear, Net A Porter offer a range of Branded Trench coats including this gorgeous grey military style Coat from Burberry.

Finally for something completely outrageous in both the style and price stakes , this Burberry satin and down trench coat is incredibly unique providing ultimate warm and protection in the cold weather.