Princess Charlotte gives the thumbs up (well, a wave) to Leicester

It has been quite the year for Leicester (where our duffle coat office is based).

Not only did Leicester City win the Premier League, but we’re also still cashing in on finding the body of Richard III in one of our car parks.

And the Poet Laureate – Michael Mopurgo – has even written a fairy tale about Leicester City’s victory and King Richard III.

And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, along comes Princess Charlotte.

Well, along came her shoes.

Because when she wowed the world with her wave recently, the world wasn’t just watching her hand.

They were having quite a good look at her feet. Which were clad in shoes made by the Leicester-based company, Early Days.

The style that Princess Charlotte was wearing was the ‘Emma’ shoe, and the company first discovered that Charlotte is a fan on her first birthday. She was pictured wearing a navy coloured pair of ‘Emmas’ as she pushed her walker.

And then, with the world looking on, last week she wheeled out the pretty pastel pink shoes for her big balcony moment.

And the effect on the Leicester-based company? Managing director, Paul Bolton, reports that the company has seen a flurry of orders for Princess Charlotte’s must-have shoe. He says,

“Since Charlotte was photographed wearing them, it’s been non-stop.”

Although it’s great news for Early Days and Leicester in general, but we hope the rest of the world doesn’t get ideas.

Because you can buy our shoes and come to marvel at our city, but we’re not keen on you trying to take our king. And you definitely shouldn’t take Vardy.