Happy Official Birthday to Her Majesty, The (colour-loving) Queen


“I feel invisible.”


“I feel invisible.”

It’s a phrase often uttered by women of a certain age.

Is it because society only has eyes for younger women?

Because older women are seen to be frumpy?

There’s obviously no easy answer.

But as The Queen showed at the weekend, you don’t have to settle for the invisible status quo.

Because while others opted for muted colours – yawn – The Queen decided that playing it safe is for octogenarians.

So what did she do?

Socked it to the world in vibrant green.

There was no danger of missing her on the balcony.

Kids could see her from the far end of The Mall.

And did we imagine it, or did one of the Red Arrows veer slightly off course as they clocked the green glow from the front of Buck House?

Anyway, for any woman of a certain age reading this, here’s our top tip:

Take a leaf out of The Queen’s style book and ditch the beige.

Say goodbye to, ‘Is it a bit mutton-dressed-as-lamb?’, and break out the colour palette!

The Queen has given you the green light.

It’s Go Go Go for colour this SS16!

Psst! Always dreamed of a green duffle coat? We might be able to help you with that.