Mayhem in Milan

I was lucky enough to spend a day in Milan at the end of a well-deserved break, and it coincided with the start of Milan Fashion Week. For someone who enjoys and write about fashion on a daily basis this was a dream come true, although I suppose I could have made a bit more of an effort rather than my jeans and vest, but hey, it was hot.
Fashion Week in Milan started on the 21st of September and the biggest names are on the catwalks flaunting the spring and Summer Collections for 2012. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana who strangely decided to close their sister label D & G after their last catwalk show.

It was bustling with celebs. We took a walk around the fashion district and shops were closed off, crowds were waiting outside to see if they could get a peep of the A list celebrities in the shops. All of this excitement in glorious sunshine. Back in the UK, I noticed reports of possible snow, which has been forecast for October and throughout winter, well as soon as I get back maybe I should put the summer wardrobe away and get out those winter coats, the cute Duffle Coat, The practical Ski Jacket and the high fashion cloak style coat.

Low and behold as soon as we land in the UK, preparing ourselves for the onset of winter, we’re greeted with amazing sunshine and now reports of an Indian summer for the next week. Can this country make its mind up? Coats on or Coats off??

Anyway, I shouldn’t complain, designers probably don’t have this problem and prepare themselves for all possibilities with a range of designer’s coats and jackets, which are light for summer wear and thick and warm for winter.