Introducing…our duffle coats for children

kids-blog Our children’s duffle coats are now in stock


Now that all the excitement of Christmas has died down, we have an announcement.

It is – drum roll please – the arrival of our duffle coats for children!
[pause for applause]
Here’s how it happened.
T’was almost the night before Christmas, when all through the office, not a duffle was stirring and we were almost cashing up.

And then, at the 11th hour, Santa rolled up in a juggernaut and delivered a shipment of wool-rich duffle coats in mini sizes. And although it was too late to catch the Christmas rush, we were still very happy. Because these micro-duffles are impossibly cute!
So here’s what we’ve got…
Browse our range of kids’ duffle coats
In addition to the regulation navy and charcoal grey demanded by many schools, we’re currently stocking:

a super cute children’s burgundy duffle coat


a vibrant children’s indigo duffle coat


and a call-me-Little-Red-Riding-hood red duffle coat for kids


Our traditional buffalo horn toggles have been replaced with chemical-free plastic, as children do have a habit of sucking toggles. (A practice we hope won’t catch on with our adult duffle coat wearers.)


How to choose the right size duffle coat for your child


Children come in a range of shapes and sizes. And so do our duffle coats. But the best way to make sure you order the right sized duffle, is to measure a coat that your child already owns.

Select a coat that currently fits your child


Use our measuring guide and note down the measurements


Use the size guide of the coat you want to order to select the correct size


Then click ‘buy’ and it’ll be with you within 48 hours.

It’s as easy as A, B, C. Or child’s play. Or any other child-themed pun you can think of.

Questions about our duffle coats for kids? Use our online chat to get in touch during UK office hours. Or fill out the contact form and we’ll answer your questions as soon as we’re back at our desks.


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