In the wrong style zone!

As I walk the streets of my suburban town, down through the park and over the river; I see many youngsters enjoying the summer sun. Well I say ‘enjoying’, what I actually mean is perhaps that they are over indulging in a frenzied panic to get vitamin D, this is because, of course, the sun is out.

Although this may be the case, may I remind you that it is still only sixteen degrees, not really shorts, flip flops and string vest weather now is it? Well apparently it is, I have even seen this to the extent where a young lady, who looked more like she was wearing some sort of lingerie rather than a summer dress, had to borrow her (sensible) boyfriends navy duffle coat to keep her warm instead of using it as a picnic blanket as she previously was.

This shows a classic case of those who believe that just because the sun is out, the competition begins to see how little clothes you can get away with wearing and how much flesh you can have on show.

Personally, I was walking in the glorious sunshine, however, I was wearing a pair of denim jeans, a v-neck t-shirt and a cardigan. I even had to put my duffle coat on later that evening due to the cold winds.

I know we all love showing a bit of flesh, however, as my grandma constantly told me as a young girl ‘you will catch a cold going out dressed like that’, and believe me; most of the time she was correct. So come on girls, work it out; you are in the wrong style zone to be honest. You should know that you are not dressed appropriately when you have to borrow extra layers of other people.

Now, after that short rant, I do feel like a bit past my time. so I will resign my post and say goodbye for now from me, grandma!