One day, two totally different outfits

As we all know, the British weather can be a tad temperamental. This is perhaps why I have seen one lady in shortest skirt possible and a vest top as well as a lady in a duffle coat and jeans all in one day. Or perhaps it’s because the lady in her duffle coat is actually from the Antarctic or somewhere severely cold.

Whatever the reason for such dress differences, it just shows that none of us trust the British weather and why not, after all who wants to go out without their coat to then be caught in a sudden down pour of rain?

I am a classic example for this, when the other day me and my boyfriend decided to go on a romantic picnic on (what we thought) was a lovely sunny day. We had got ourselves all dressed in our summer attire, picnic at the ready and sunglasses on; however, as we went to leave the house we spotted a cloud! Shock horror we reverted back to the wardrobe and put a cardigan and jumper on. Then as we actually got ourselves out of the house and in to the car; the sky changed and looked darker, ‘stop’ I yelled, I better get my duffle coat from inside, just in case.

Well that ‘just in case’ actually turned out to be a ‘definite case’ as it started pouring it down with rain. So, we didn’t get round to our picnic after all. I am not complaining though as I got treated to a yummy lunch out instead!

You see its true, no trust in the British weather and after all why should we? This is the same weather that gives us snow in March is it not? So, mu word of advice would be to ensure that you always have your trusty duffle coat with you wherever you go!