How to rock the duffle coat!

Now, we have already established that the duffle coat is a winter wardrobe must have, but what duffle coat is for me? You may ask. Well don’t fear, here I will explain to you how to choose and make the most out of your duffle coat this winter.

Firstly, this season is the ‘season of Camel’, and nothing is more fashionable at the moment that a camel coat, it is this season’s must have item as it is a classic that looks elegant and expensive as well as looking cool and collected. The rich yet simple colour works well combined with black and white as well as a super sexy pair of skinny Jeans. Or why not team it with some snugly UGG boots and leggings, ultra comfort meets ultra style. Whatever you chose to mix your camel with this season, you will look truly classy in a camel Duffle.

If Camel is not for you, then why not go safe yet classic with a navy blue duffle coat. This timeless classic will go with almost everything in your wardrobe, and will be with you for a lifetime, as my motto goes ‘if in doubt, go navy’, black is out navy is definitely in!

If you’re a bit more of a daredevil when it comes to colour, however, then why not go all out there with a Fabulous purple or red duffle coat, or even go for something slightly edgy with our waxed duffle coats. They will provide a stylish yet waterproof look as well as adding that extra uniqueness and edge to your look…..genius!

So, whatever style or colour of duffle coat your chose, in the end at least you will be left safe in the knowledge that you are nothing short of a fashionista in your classically iconic Duffle coat!