Duffles & Hygge the happiest people in the world

What a brilliant title to have. It would seem that the Scandinavians’ have got things right. Denmark took the top spot in the United Nations World Happiness report for 2012, 2013 and 2016 and now Norway for 2017.


The question is why? Apparently we just need to Hygge. Pronounced ‘hoo-gah’, hygge is the Danish concept of living cosily. It’s set to be the biggest trend for 2017 /2018 and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


Charlotte Abrahams, author of one of the new books, Hygge: A Celebration of Simple Pleasures, Living the Danish Way (Trapeze, £20), explains: ‘I first came across hygge as an interior design concept to make your house look happy and cosy.


It’s a funny yet familiar word and it turns out, it dates back to the 18th century and is loosely connected to the English word ‘hug’. Really it’s about cherishing yourself, your family and friends, battening down the hatches and snuggling up. Hygge is very much a part of Danish life, which is why its no surprise that they frequently come top in the world’s happiness polls.’


‘Hygge is about embracing things – enjoying cake, not just checking work emails all weekend. It’s about the simple, small pleasures that make life great, which perhaps sometimes pass us by.’  Those ‘moments of Hygge’ can be anything: a cup of coffee in front of the fire, a walk with the kids, dinner with friends, eating ice cream, building sandcastles with your children, reading the Sunday papers, sleeping dog at your feet, hot chocolate or, of course, savouring your favourite glass of something lovely.


‘Spending time with family and loved ones is central to Hygge, as is being fully focused on what you’re doing, So rather than chatting to a friend on the phone while you tidy, focus just on talking.


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How to be more Hygge

Celebrate the simple things

Brew a fresh coffee and savour every sip. Eat that pastry. Stop and smell the roses in that otherwise dodgy supermarket bouquet. And, wait; is that a cloud really in the shape of a Pokémon?

Love rainy days

If the weather forecast is more Margate than Maldives?  Make like the Danes and embrace the elements.  Or why not throw on your Duffle coat and wellies and go find those puddles. A rainy day? – That’s the perfect excuse to curl up with a new book. Chilly night? – All the more reason to invite friends over for a gorgeous warming supper.


Eat real food

Forget #eatclean.  Lets try #Eathygge it’s the kind of nosh your granny would recognise (think big plates of meat and potatoes or stew and dumplings). Danes eat, properly, and don’t they look well on it? It’s 21 places behind the UK on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s obesity hit list.


Create a happy home. Homes should be Hygge havens – heavy on wood and leather, with tactile finishing touches such as sheepskin rugs over chairs and freshly plumped cushions.


Scientists at University College London found that looking at beautiful things makes us happier by stimulating dopamine – So get a happy, hygge fix just by walking through the front door.

Better together

Hygge is all about togetherness. Studies show that spending time with friends and family is key to staying happy and sane – so get the diary out and make a date with your gang.

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