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Golden leaves are already on the trees and the warm luster of Conker’s scattered along the path are a sure sign that winter is on its way. The winter wardrobe is slowly making its way back to the top of your drawers and your winter’s coat is always something that needs a bit of careful consideration.


A duffle coat makes a great choice for Autumn/Winter 2017. Perhaps memories of the ample pockets of your much loved childhood duffle coat stuffed full with autumns rich woodland treasures has you hankering for a winters coat that will give you that same comfort and warmth. Yet the iconic duffle coat is far from just a youngster’s coat and is well and truly back on the top designers “must have list” for this new season.


It’s worth keeping in mind that all duffels’ are not the same; and even a quick online search throws up a myriad of styles. From faux fur hoods, through polyester linings to metal fastenings, the choice can be bewildering. So we’ve come up with some simple pointers to help you find your perfect duffle coat.


Classic or contemporary


If you invest in a traditional duffle, you know that you’re buying a coat that will always be stylish and chic enough for any occasion. There’s a very diverse mix of styles that could be considered a contemporary take on the traditional duffle, however its really about what fits well, looks good and will last the season and beyond.


How warm do you need your coat to be


Sounds like an odd question? Well, not everyone wants a very warm winter coat. Perhaps you travel to work by car, spend the day in a heated office and are rarely outdoors? Then a lightweight duffle coat with lower wool content that’s generally found in high street stores could suit be the one for you.


If you need your duffle coat to keep you snug as well as looking cool, then choose one with thick, double sided fabric and high wool content. A classic duffle coat is created from two wool-rich layers of fabric that are woven on a loom at the same time. During the weaving process, the fabrics (usually a plain outer layer and a checked inner layer) are bound together to create one length of thick fabric. Duffle coats made using this process are extremely warm and reassuringly heavy; a good quality duffle coat can weigh around 2kg, making it a match for extreme temperatures.


Hood or no hood


The humble hood can be surprisingly divisive. Although some swear by a hood as the obvious answer to wind and rain, others argue that it ruins the cut of the coat.

A traditional duffle coat always has a pancake hood, so called because it’s designed to lie flat against the back of the hood and won’t collect rain, snow or Autumnal leaves.


Wooden toggles on your duffle coat or buffalo horn toggles?

If shoes make the man, then toggles make (or break) the duffle coat. Forgive us our pedantry, but we believe that for a coat to claim the name ‘duffle’, it must have toggles. Wooden toggles with rope fastenings were first used on the original duffle coats worn by the British armed forces during the two world wars. Their distinctive design meant that sailors could fasten and unfasten the toggles without removing their gloves.


During the 1950s, manufacturers of duffle coats started to replace the wooden and rope toggles with leather fastenings and buffalo horn toggles. A truly traditional duffle coat still tends to have buffalo horn toggles and leather fastenings as they are hard-wearing and look stylish.


However, there are many variations on the buffalo horn ‘n’ leather combination and the toggle you opt for is down to personal choice. But look carefully at the materials on the coat that you’re considering, as leather substitutes and plastic instead of horn may not stay the distance.

Montgomery Duffle

Ready for anything

When duffle coats were used in the Royal Navy, they were purposely cut generously to allow sailors to wear them over their uniform. Stories exist of communal duffle coats thrown on by soldiers before going on deck, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach was essential.


Maintaining and protecting our illustrious roots as England’s original duffle coat manufacturer, Montgomery stay true to the character of the traditional duffle coat. Sartorial origins and a roomy flattering cut allow your coat to be worn over a suit jacket or sweater, without looking ‘boxy’ or swamping you.


We hope you’ve found our thoughts on “choosing your duffle coat’ useful. As the original duffle coat company we’re always happy to help and advise and as a final note, if you decide on an original Montgomery duffle coat then it will come complete with a full money back satisfaction guarantee.


View this season’s duffle coat collection now; we think you will love them.


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