Duffle Coats UK brings back style, durability and affordability with it’s launch of traditional styled Montgomery Duffle Coats.

Duffle Coats UK launched their amazing line of traditional styled Montgomery Duffle Coats in December and has seen tremendous growth and customer satisfaction ever since! Duffle Coats UK strives to bring the best quality duffle coat to the masses by utilizing only the finest quality material imported directly from Tuscany. With a combination of completely recycled 70% percent wool fibers and 30% mixed fibers, Duffle Coats UK ensures a smooth finish that isn’t prone to pilling. While the cloth may be imported, the manufacturing and production is all kept local. Each duffle is handmade exclusively in England. This enables Duffle Coats UK to minimize cost while achieving greater quality assurance of their product.

The Montgomery style double breasted, buffalo horn toggle duffle coat is nothing new to society. The duffle coat has been around since the 1900’s when used by the English army for their notable warmth and durability. What once was a sign of rebellion is now a sign of status as Montgomery style duffle coats can be seen being worn by countless celebrities and A- Listers.

Duffle Coats UK offers this traditional, highly fashionable duffle coat in a number of variations and styles to suit everyone’s taste. They offer not only the traditional wool/mixed fiber blends but also an innovative wax fabric version that is capable of withstanding even the harshest natural elements! As a special thank you Duffle Coats UK is currently offering first time customers the amazing once in a lifetime offer of 50% all purchases! For the quality and durability that these jackets offer, that is an astonishing deal! Montgomery style duffle coats can be viewed and purchased at http://www.dufflecoatsuk.co.uk.

Duffle Coats UK-Proudly keeping us warm for generations!