Montgomery Duffle Coat Style

If its one thing celebrities never sacrifice, its style. Celebrities are constantly seen portraying the latest “it” item regardless of the weather conditions, the cost or the venue. They want to be hot and they want to be noticed. Duffle Coats UK recently launched company now lets you keep up on the hottest new celebrity trend, at an affordable price. I am talking about the one and only, original, Montgomery Style Duffle Coat.

The traditional Paddington Bear styled Duffle Coat that was once worn strictly by the military, then transformed into “proper “ school attire for children is now the hottest, must have item for winter by A List Celebs worldwide, men and women alike. The Montgomery style Duffle Coat has caught on at such a rapid pace for its durability and functionality. The duffle coat can be worn anywhere for any purpose as seen by the recent celebrity appearances.

Kelly Osborne channels her inner rock god and rocks a Duffle Coat as a throwback to its original rebellious roots, whereas Gwyneth Paltrow finds the duffle coat as a perfect cover up while spending quality time with her children outdoors. Celebrities Cheryl Cole and Britney Spears sport their Montgomery styled duffle coats as a simple slip on to run out and grab a quick cup of coffee. Supermodel Laura Bailey boldly wore her duffle coat to a recent fashion week event! If chasing children or running about town scratching off items on your to do list sounds a bit boring for your lifestyle, take an example from Alexa Chung or Pixie Geldof; they wore their duffle coats out on the town to clubs and additional nightlife venues!

Never before has a fashion trend been so functional and so versatile that it has been able to span generations, personality types and the length of time! Montgomery style duffle coats has achieved this goal. Men, women, rock stars, teenagers and children alike all want a Montgomery styled duffle coat to keep them warm yet fashionable from the office to the club!