Design details on duffles part 5: the waterproof lining on our Mayfair duffle


“Is a duffle coat waterproof?” is a question we get asked a LOT. We’ve given the answer before, but now we’ve a little more to add.


Just to recap:

Our traditional duffle coats have a checked lining (here’s how it’s done) and are water resistant rather than waterproof.

However, one of our duffle coat styles has a secret weapon. And it’s a waterproof lining.

Which one? Our Mayfair knitted duffle coat.

Which is kind of like the love child of a traditional duffle and a sweater. Let us explain…

The outer fabric of the Mayfair duffle is knitted (like a sweater), with toggles (like a duffle coat). But the lining is made from contrasting, nylon, waterproof lining. Which on our indigo model looks like this:



So although the outside will get wet, you’ll be warm and dry inside.

See? Best of both worlds.

Even better? Our Mayfair duffles are currently on sale. Take a look.