Be prepared for rain or shine

Ah, the good old British summer. One minute we’re in baking hot sunshine and the next we’re watching bolts of lightning get worryingly close to the conservatory (true story), and with such interchangeable weather it’s important to be prepared for anything it could throw at you. Of course, that means it’s pretty difficult to know what to wear from one day or even one hour to the next, but with a bit of forward planning you can see through this difficult stage with ease.

There are two pieces of kit that should be in your arsenal at all times – a pair of sunnies and an umbrella. These two little beauties will ensure you’re ready for anything, and better yet, they can be carried around in your bag without weighing you down. You’ll want to opt for a mini umbrella so it won’t take up too much space and always ensure you’re getting sunglasses with a high enough UV rating, but you’ll want to make sure they suit your sense of style too.

Then it all comes down to the clothes, and in this kind of weather layering is key. You’ll want to be able to strip off or get wrapped up as the need arises, so thin tops and cardigans are always a great idea. You might want to bring along a rain mac to be prepared for those downpours too, and you’ll probably want something a bit thicker for when the chill starts to set in in the evening. Shoes should be more closed toe than open in this kind of weather – you don’t want to be splashing around in flip flops – and cropped trousers or skirts can be a great way to keep you cool and ensure you don’t drag your heels in puddles.

A few careful wardrobe choices can see you through rain or shine with ease, and with a combination of layers and the right accessories you’ll be able to enjoy the best of the great British summer without looking like a drowned rat at the end of it.