eBay gets personal with fashion

Here at Duffle Coats UK we like to think we keep up with the times, and if there’s any new fashion-related tech we want to know about it. Well, ecommerce powerhouse eBay has just teamed up with fashion and technology start-up Dressipi to offer personalised recommendations to its UK customers, with this six-month trial seeing Dressipi’s technology being directly integrated into the eBay Fashion Gallery.

Dressipi is a London-based start-up that offers fashion tips and advice as well as a personalised style guide, where users can tell the system their vital statistics and answer a few questions about their tastes, brand preferences and even confidence levels to be given a “Fashion Fingerprint”. This fingerprint can be used to narrow down the selection of clothes to offer a personalised shopping experience, offering tailored recommendations to help women find the clothes that will suit and fit them.

And it’s this technology that will be integrated into eBay. Visitors will initially be presented with a specially-curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories chosen by Dressipi’s team of stylists, and they can go on from that to complete their Fingerprint to get personalised recommendations – specifically, they’ll be told what clothes available on eBay would be the best bet. Future functionality will see users able to tell the system what clothes they like or dislike for improved insight and potentially an even higher level of personalisation, and so far it looks like the two companies could be the perfect match.

So, we’ll be able to have a personal shopping experience from our very own home. What’s not to love? We all like to indulge in a bit of retail therapy and with the chance to get tailor-made outfits recommended to us it could reduce the possibility of having to return items that don’t fit, and we can’t wait to see what the ecommerce giant will give us next. In the meantime, pass the credit card – we’ve got fashion to find!