Be original this Valentine’s Day. Buy your Valentine a duffle coat


Valentine’s Day is approaching. And you have no idea what to buy your beau (or belle). It’s a common problem.

But the answer is dead simple.

It’s this:

Buy them a duffle coat.

And yes, you’re right, we’re being shamelessly self-promotional.

But as there’s not long left to get your Valentine’s Day gift sorted, we figured you’d appreciate our direct approach.




For guys, we’d suggest a classic duffle coat with rugged, wooden toggles. Our classic fit, camel duffle coat is just the job.

And it doesn’t just look sharp. Because duffle coats have been worn by all kinds of cool types.

From Bernard ‘Monty’ Montgomery in WW2, to Harry Styles from 1D. So that’s pretty much every age bracket covered.

Ladies, trust us. Your man is going to feel beautifully cuddly wrapped up in one of our duffles.

Now lads, what can you buy for the missus?

(No idea why we just lapsed into ‘er indoors’ speak. It just felt right.)

We’re suggesting a coloured duffle coat.

The weather is still miserable and we’re not fooled by the early daffodils. We know that warmer weather is still at least two months away. And so to cheer up the lady in your life?




A red duffle coat. There’s the slim fit duffle that sits on the hips and has buffalo horn toggles.

There’s the long red duffle coat that’s like wearing a woolly hug. It wraps itself around you, snuggles you up and keeps away life’s nastiness.

Or for the girl about town, choose our chic London duffle.

Then once you’ve bought the duffle coat, all you’ll need is a bottle of champers for one duffle coat pocket. Some chocs for the other. And perhaps some smellies for the pancake hood.

And you’ll truly be the best other half EVER.

Your Valentine will defo love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Order by Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 for delivery in time for Valentine’s day.