Here’s why we use recycled wool in our duffle coats

blog1 Please recycle this fleece. The planet will thank you


There is, of course, only one reason to use recycled wool. And it’s a compelling one.

Quite simply because it makes environmental sense. Per kilo, sheep create the most CO2 and so if we can use that CO2 load twice? So much the better.

We source our wool from Prato in Italy, which also happens to be a world centre for wool recycling.

First, the wool is separated from other materials, then it’s cleaned, broken down and re-spun. The most obvious difference between recycled wool and virgin wool, is that the fibres are shorter. So it’s not ideal for knitwear, but when it needs to be felted as for a duffle coat? It works a treat.

Our dark duffle coats and recycled wool

We use recycled wool in our dark duffle coats. Typically they are 70% wool with nylon or polyester added to cover any contamination resulting from using recycled wool. It’s a small price to pay for having a clear, environmental conscience!

And actually, the addition of nylon or polyester reduces the ‘pilling’ on a duffle coat (when the coat forms small ‘bobbles’ of wool), which can only be a good thing.

But what about our hugely popular, brightly coloured coats? Why aren’t our red, green or indigo duffles made with recycled wool?

Sadly, even when recycled wool fibres are cleaned, you can’t remove all the contaminants. So recycled wool never goes back to being white. It stays a little grubby. Which means that when you add dyes to the fibres, it doesn’t ‘take’ on every fibre. And so the result is a patchy, uneven colour.

And however much you love the idea of being environmentally friendly, chances are you don’t want to wear a patchily coloured duffle, or one that looks a bit grubby.

So if you like the idea of recycled wool duffle coat, choose one of our darker duffles.

But if you love the idea of a coloured duffle? We’re definitely not judging. Knock yourself out!