Be fashion forward

At this time of year you might be fairly limited in terms of clothing choices. You need to stay cool as the temperatures rise but that doesn’t mean you want to sacrifice your fashion credentials, but given that the rest of the fashion world (i.e. London, Paris, New York and Milan) is about to enter the wintry depths you might be forgiven for thinking that you don’t really have much option. It’s difficult to stay up with wider industry trends when you’re reaching for the bikini instead of the brolly, but fear not—this actually opens up a whole new world of fashionable opportunities.

The fact that you’re not dictated to by Western trends means you’ve got plenty of room to manoeuvre. You can get creative with your fashion choices and can explore new options entirely on your own terms, with the only limit being your imagination and, erm, the weather. The key is to go for laid-back looks that can keep you cool yet stylish no matter how high the mercury gets, and whilst playing around with texture might be a bit of a no-no (anything other than light materials would be a seriously poor move) there’s nothing to stop you from experimenting.

You could even channel a few high-fashion looks in your summer wardrobe, switching things up a bit so you can stay on-trend without sweltering in the heat. The motif sweater could be swapped for a statement tee, for example, and you could easily bring a few key colours into your look. Rummaging through some local independent or vintage stores could uncover some true fashion gems, or if you’re lucky enough to be in Sydney you could even try the newly-launched Topshop on for size (there’s a reason the UK fell in love with this chain). So what are you waiting for? Get experimenting and you can be unique, stylish and totally fashion forwards entirely on your own terms.