All things Duffle

Coats and bags all come under the Duffle umbrella, and both are coming back into fashion incredibly quickly, being seen on the shoulders of A list celebrities.

I remember having a navy duffle coat when I was a lot younger and also remember watching Paddington Bear and thinking, wow he has a duffle coat like mine.

From the high street to the designer fashion houses, duffle coats and bags are going to be big this winter, so make sure you have your coats and bags sorted because you do not want to miss out.

Thinking of paying top whack for a Duffle coat, take a look at the Miu Miu hooded duffle coat, possibly the most expensive one on the market at £1350! Burberry and Vivienne Westwood offer versions of the coat at around £500.
If however you want something more traditional, colourful, warm and reliable, this gorgeous long indigo Duffle with wooden buttons is perfect and not overpriced.

Duffle Bags are great for a weekend away or an oversized everyday bag. Again, the high fashion bags command a price due to the name. This Chloe Leather Duffle bag is stunning and costs £1250.
You can pick up some pretty amazing bargains on the high street and online, with dedicated sites selling duffle coats and duffle bags.

It’s a coat that has and will always be around, designed and produced with traditional values, the duffle coat is something everyone should consider and have in their wardrobe.

I remember going to a bonfire party wearing my navy duffle coat thinking I was the bee’s knees with my gloves and scarf on, waving sparklers around. Paddington Bear will never change his clothes, being such an adventurer, his duffle coat is perfect and keeps him warm and protected from the weather.