Drop em!

This season’s trend is all about dropped hemlines. We are talking skirts, tops, trousers and coats.

Skirts and dresses below the knee cast a beautifulsilhouette and another bonus is keeping those pins warm during the winter months. All these elements are interspersed with other trends such as rich colours, 40’s glamour, monochrome and 60’s swing. It is all going on this winter. Therefore,we have decided to take a look at dropped hem winter coats and longer versions.

Firstly, Zara offers a great range of coats that look like they have popped out of Twiggy’s wardrobe from the 60’s. The majority of coats you’ll find are longer length this season, yes a few are shorter parker style jackets, but we’re loving those longer lines on coats such as the knitted cape, this gorgeous mustard yellow double breasted coat, and this delectable Cheviot coat.

Capes seem very popular, stylish and simple, basically pop your arms through and off you go, complete coverage for the winter weather.

Duffle Coats are a great way to keep warm, look fashionable and offer a longer length of coat. Some of us can be slightly obsessed with covering our behinds during winter, I cannot agree more, what is worse than a cold bottom.

Well with a Duffle Coat,your bottom will be snug along with the rest of your body. There are so many different colours, styles and variations on the traditional Duffle coat, with different styles of button fastening and straps.

I love this pretty pink checked duffle coat. These coats are naturally long, but you can find longer versions like this Burgundy Duffle Coat.

Long is in, short is, well out, unless you really have to, and when we say long, please, please, please don’t offend us with those terrible sleeping bag type coats, invest in something beautiful and stylish.