A spotlight on: The Soho Elegance Duffle Coat

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This is the first in a series of ‘spotlights’ that we’re going to shine on our range of duffle coats. We know that choosing winter coats online, without the luxury of trying them on, can be tricky. So our spotlight series aims to give you as much information as possible to help you choose a duffle coat that you’ll love for years to come. And if you have any questions? Add them to the comments box below and we’ll be happy to answer them.

A mid-length traditional duffle coat

The Soho elegance duffle is a good compromise if you find long duffle coats too bulky, and short duffles leave you chilly. It’s one of our more tailored duffle coats – that’s why it’s called ‘elegance’ – so it fits well over work clothes or when you’re planning an evening out.

Like the original duffle coats worn by sailors in the British Navy, the Soho elegance duffle has traditional wooden toggle and rope fastenings. They were designed to be easy to fasten by sailors wearing heavy gloves in extreme weather conditions. And although you probably won’t be wearing your duffle at sea in a gale, at least you know the fastenings can withstand rough handling. And can be easily fastened while wearing gloves.

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Soho elegance duffle coats: handmade in Britain

As with all of our duffle coats, the Soho elegance is handmade in Britain using traditional methods. The classic checked lining is bonded to the wool rich outer layer to create the trademark double-sided material of a genuine duffle coat. The inside seams are then taped to prevent fraying and provide a stylish finish to the lining. And the weight of the coat (approximately 2kg) ensures you’ll stay warm as winter starts to bite.

The Soho elegance duffle is available in a range of colours. If you prefer more muted colours, take a look at our navy, charcoal or camel duffle coats. Or to add some colour to the winter months and stand out from the crowd, choose red, burgundy or indigo.

As with all of our winter coats, we offer free postage and free returns if you need to exchange or return your duffle coat. You’ll be able to track your order online and, in most cases, you’ll receive your coat within two days.

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