New Year – The perfect excuse for a new you

After the over indulgence of Christmas and the partying of the New Year, the rest of January can be an anticlimax, dark nights, a less than perfect body and the long wait until pay day but wait, it’s not all doom and gloom.

January can be the perfect time for reflection. Instead of making resolutions, few of us will keep, how about setting a few goals to achieve, to make this year really count?


Your clothes are a really great place to start… Pick a dull, dreary day and instead of watching daytime TV, venture into the depths of your wardrobe and dig out all those clothes you’ll never fit into because they were a size too small when you bought them. Or the impulse buys, which looked so good in the soft mood lighting of the boutique but do nothing for you in the cold light of day.

Once you’ve bagged up the old clothes for the charity shop, it’s time to brave the cold and head out to make a few stylish purchases that will last you for years and enhance both your comfort and style. There’s no need to spend a lot, go for classic, timeless clothing, which can be amazingly fashionable when styled with key accessories.

If you haven’t got a duffle coat in your wardrobe, now is the perfect time to buy one. There are lots in the sales and many feature key fashion trends like faux fur hoods and bright primary colours to brighten up the dullest January day. Red and Cobalt Blue are my particular favourites. For those of you who want to hold onto the glamour of the party season there are metallic duffle coats , which are perfect day to evening where when the weather is chilly.

So that’s the first step, now it’s up to you.