A new dawn for Duffle


A new line of Duffle coats is soon to be released. These coats are specially made to keep women warm and protected whatever the occasion.  The collections of new duffle coats are set to hit the fashion market in early January ready for when the New Year’s sales begin.

The  mantra for these styles of duffle coats is that ‘excellent fit is important’, making sure that their plus size coats for plus size women always make them feel comfortable and secure about how they look, they have been fitting on real women to take any concerns so they can modify the duffle coat to make them feel more flattered in what they’re wearing.  With two pockets located underneath the hips, they have a slimming effect as it draws attention to the hips and creates and hour-glass shape of the wearer.

Available in sizes ranging from 14-32, the new range is available in different styles of red, printed and camel colours as well as the traditional black and grey.  If you are a girl who likes to make an entrance, a red shaded coat is the best for you to choose.

There is also a hooded faux fur duffle coat that you can purchase in this new collection.  All of these coats are created to make women look luxurious and feel great, in whatever clothing they might be wearing.  All of the different makes of duffle coats can be made to look fabulous on any person, by modifying what you wear with it, they never seem to juxtapose and contradict any other piece of clothing as they work well with everything.

If you are looking for warm garment after the Christmas spell and through the new year, duffle coats are the best way to keep warm throughout the winter season heading into spring.