Its all in the name

Ever wondered where Duffle Coats got their name or why a Bikini is called so? Today the Duffle Coats UK will enlighten you.

Firstly and most importantly lets start with the Duffle Coat. Named after the town Duffel in Belgium where the heavy woollen cloth was originally produced to make overcoats for the military. The town spells its name Duffel although it is sometimes changed to Duffle when it comes to coats and bags.

Other products that lend their names to the places they were created and produced include Bayonet, from the French town Bayonne, where the sharp knives were originally made.

The Bikini is an interesting one, launched a few days after the testing of atomic bombs, it was aptly named due to the fact it looked like it had “been split like an atom”.

Another quirky name comes from a surfer who would regularly drink a mix of vodka, Galliano and orange juice, when he’d had quite enough he would go around banging on the walls of the bar in LA, hence a Harvey Wall Banger cocktail.

We love all these incredible facts and the great thing is you can find out more with a fantastic book that has been released just in time for the Festive Season. It’s called Harvey Wallbangers and Tam O’Shanters and lists all the products, places and facts about why name things a certain way and what the origins of the name are.

So if you are curious why Mount Everest is named so and how Bluetooth came about, invest in this fantastic book.