3 reasons to wear wool this spring

3 reasons to wear wool this spring

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With the clocks about to go forward in the UK, there is every reason to start planning your summer wardrobe and working out which winter clothes to pack away. But before you consign your pure wool sweaters to storage bags, here are three (very good) reasons why you might want to keep them out for a little longer. And if you don’t own a woollen sweater? Keep reading because there are compelling reasons for a cheeky discretionary purchase as we bid farewell to winter.

Woollen sweaters protect you from the temperamental British weather

If you live in the UK, the names of the months do not tally up with guaranteed temperatures. So just because we’re heading towards April, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm. In fact, even when we’re heading towards August, there’s no guarantee that the mercury will rise. Which is why keeping a woollen sweater to hand is a savvy thing to do.

Pure wool is one of nature’s incredible materials. It’s naturally breathable allowing excess heat to escape, but still keeping your skin at an ambient temperature. Which explains how the sheep manage in summer, right? Wool also wicks moisture away from the skin keeping sweating to a minimum.

And even if you do sweat or – ahem – ‘lightly glow’ in your woollen jumper, wool is blessed with natural anti-bacterial properties that minimise odour. Maybe that’s why walkers, climbers and runners favour base layers made from Merino wool? It beats whiffy nylon hands down.

Wool is bang on trend in SS15

Did you know that the Woolmark Prize 2015 was scooped by designer, Marcia Patmos? That might not be the most interesting fact you’ve ever heard, but what if we told you her collection was rich in Merino wool? And that just a casual look online will throw up pure wool sweaters being sold for…Spring? It seems that finally the fashion industry has cottoned on (oh the pun!) to the fact that wool is not just for Winter.

Merino wool, in particular, is an excellent choice for the warmer months. Not only does it share the breathable properties of other wool (see above), its silky fibres are gentle on sensitive skin. So even if regular wool brings you out in a rash, Merino wool might be kinder to your skin.

Wool is for SS15. And AW15, SS16…you see where we’re going with this?

Although fashion is transient, true style is constant. Which is why it’s worth investing in knitwear that will last longer than one season. And by choosing a classic style you’ll ensure that your pure wool jumper will become a perennial favourite of your wardrobe.

So as Spring – hopefully – starts to take hold, look around for retail outlets that are offering significant discounts on their quality knitwear. It’s an investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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