James Bond in Spectre. He’s licensed to kill and dressed to thrill.

Bond fans gave a collective shudder of anticipation recently when the trailer for the latest Bond film, Spectre, was released. Here at Duffle Coats UK we sat frozen in delight as the trailer played. But elsewhere on the net, savvy critics have been analysing the 96 seconds of drama for clues.

And because a) we can’t get enough of Bond and b) he wears a particular outfit that got us very excited (more on that later), we’ve been lapping up all the Bond chatter.

So – potential spoiler alert here’s what we’ve gleaned from reading about the trailer.

If you’re a Bond fan, you’ll remember the dramatic, tragic events at the end of the last Bond movie, Skyfall. And Spectre starts by harking back to the final scenes of Skyfall, when Moneypenny, played by Naomi Harris, produces a box that was recovered from the wreckage.

“You’ve got a secret,” she says, “something you can’t tell anyone because you don’t trust anyone.”

Oooo! What can the secret be?!

We get a quick glimpse of a burnt and damaged photograph of a man with two boys, but it’s impossible to decipher the identity of one of the boys as his head has been cut out of the photo. Super sleuths on the net have deduced that the missing face is probably Bond’s.

But that’s not all. We also get a glimpse of Bond’s ‘Certificate of Guardianship’. It’s signed by his legal guardian, Charmaine Bond, but ‘H Oberhauser’ is listed as his temporary guardian. The Bond boffins have revealed that in Octopussy, Hannes Oberhauser was Bond’s ski instructor, and was a paternal figure to the super spy.

And the link with Octopussy gets stronger when James confronts evil henchman, Mr White, (first seen in Casino Royale and then Quantum of Solace) with a ring bearing the Octopussy symbol.

Wait a minute! Do you think Blofeld is coming back, with his white cat ‘n’ all? This could be the case as at the end of the trailer we see a small, possibly Blofeld-sized man sitting in the shadows. And interestingly, he greets Bond with, ‘Welcome James, it’s been a long time’, so he’s obviously met him before. Gah, the intrigue is killing us!

However, it’s not all bad. Because, rather thrillingly, in one scene Bond is looking super suave in an outfit that is very dear to our style-loving hearts.

54 seconds in (yes, we’ve counted) we get a glimpse of Bond’s roll neck sweater. We can’t QUITE be sure that it’s a submariners sweater, but it’s near enough.

Then comes the best bit. At 1:07 Bond’s über-cool look is revealed. We see what looks like the collar of a pea coat, teamed with the roll neck sweater. Yep, we did actually swoon at that point.

Why? Because look at this:

duffle coats pea coat uk

Our model wearing our pea coat with our Merino wool submariners sweater.

And now this:

James Bond pea coat uk

You see? Almost exactly the same!

Look, don’t burst our bubble, we got really excited by the similarities.

We’re hoping that as the release date of the film gets closer, there’ll be more teasers for us to dissect. But if not, we’ll have to wait until November 6th when Spectre hits the UK cinemas. Only about 29 weeks to go.

Have you seen the trailer? What did you think?