Men's Trench Coats

For a coat that you can wear all year round, try one of our men's Trench Coats. From the trenches of World War II to the golden age of Hollywood, the Trench Coat has garnered a reputation for its perennial style. Originally developed for military use in the late 19th century, the Trench Coat was designed to endure the harshest of weather conditions. Nowadays, its breathability and functionality have made it a popular choice for everyday wear, whatever the weather.

Here at Duffle Coats UK, we believe that quality clothing shouldn't have to break the bank. Working directly with one of the best-known duffle coat brands in the UK, we sell an extensive range of luxury outerwear. From Classic Fit Duffles to Trench Coats and Tweed, we stock various styles for every season.

Updated in a single-breast fit, our men's Trench Coats are designed for the man about town. Made from tightly woven cotton by Brisbane Moss, this coat is essential outerwear, whether you're off to work or out at the weekend.

Lightweight fabric makes this coat an essential transitional piece, helping you step from winter into spring. Choose from military-inspired navy or classic stone, for a look that will always be in season. Our men's Trench Coats combine functionality and high fashion in the most luxurious way.