What to wear to Glastonbury? We’ve collated the best advice to get you ‘mud ready’ for the weekend



The Glastonbury music festival starts tomorrow in, well, Glastonbury (UK). It’s when the great, the good, the mediocre and the ‘oh are you still playing?’ of music descend onto one, mud-filled arena.

Actually, the stars don’t get mud on them, they’re up on the stage looking immaculate. It’s the hoi polloi that is caked in mud. But still, they’re having a good time despite the cold/heat/hail/blizzard.

So in case you’re off to Glastonbury, or some other festival later in the year, we’ve done some digging for practical fashion advice and ‘what to take’ lists.

Weirdly, most of the advice is the same:

You’re there for the music, not the fashion, and how can you rock ‘festival chic’ when you’re caked in mud and maybe something else?

But enough with the negativity, here’s what we’ve found:

The official Glastonbury packing list.

We love the optimism of this list, ‘ change of clothes in case you get wet’. In case? In case? This is the UK we’re talking about. ‘In case’ doesn’t come into it.

Festival fashion essentials.

Well, it starts off quite sensibly with mention of a warm fleece, waterproof jacket and wellies. But then it goes off into la-la land with mention of ‘off the shoulder’ tops.

But hey, maybe they’ve read a different weather forecast to us?

Waterproof shoes that aren’t wellies.

It’s true that wellies are a bit passé. But they’re kind of essential. Still, The Telegraph has come up with some other options. The cherry red Doc Martens get the thumbs up from us.

Probably the only advice you need about Glastonbury.

We can’t help feeling that this is the best advice you’ll get about what to wear at Glastonbury. Because although we love the idea of everyone looking boho, relaxed and sun-kissed in festival chic, the camera never lies. And this mud looks more filthy than exfoliating.

So, to sum up: it’s going to be cold, wet and muddy and maybe sunny. So take warm clothes, sunscreen and your British sense of humour.