Throwing some shapes

When it comes to fashion, you can improve your look simply by taking on board your body shape, and focusing on your best parts to draw attention away from the parts you don’t particularly like or are conscious of.

Apparently, these days there are 12 different types of body shape

You have your Apple, which is rounded around the middle, Pear which is bottom heavy, hourglass which is curved and nips in at the waist, I could go on with the newer versions, but you can find your shape here: Trinny and Susannah reveal 12 women’s body types – which are you?

If you’re an Apple shape and looking for a new coat, you may need something to hide the roundness of your middle. Apples should look for jackets with a V Neck, button details, a tailored classic will look fab, avoid big baggy boxy type coats.

Pears go for coats with big collars maybe fur, detail at the top like bell sleeves and bright colours. Smaller lapels will narrow your top half even more.

Hourglass has to high light the nip in the waist with belted coats like trench coats, button jackets that do up under the bust look fab and so do little Jackie O style cropped Jackets!

These are just a few ideas, if you need some more inspiration there are plenty of sites online.

There are coats for every occasion from Weddings to work, from summer to snow, and everything in between in a variety of fabrics, styles and shapes.

If you need something that looks cool, is warm and would look good on any shape, invest in a Montgomery Duffle Coat. This way there is no messing about, hours are not wasted going around the shops and they come in a beautiful array of colours for men and women. These coats are timeless classics and look great on everyone.