Three stylish alternatives to the terrible Christmas jumper

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Christmas jumpers have infiltrated our society. And no one is quite sure where they came from. Was it because Mr Darcy wore one in Bridget Jones’s Diary? Or is Ron in the Harry Potter films to blame? Wherever they came from, Christmas jumpers are everywhere.

At Duffle Coats UK, we’re not keen. So, after a teeny rant about Christmas jumpers, we’d like to offer our recommendations for the sweaters to be seen in this Christmas.

Is it ever OK to wear a Christmas jumper?

Our view is that babies can get away with wearing a Christmas-themed romper suit. But once you’re out of nappies? Christmas-themed clothes should be confined to a party hat on Christmas day.

However, there are occasions when even we – bah humbug – can see the rationale for wearing a Christmas jumper. And that’s when it raises money for a good cause.

Like the annual Christmas Jumper Day organised by Save the Children. Participants donate £2 to this worthy cause and in return, they get to look sartorially challenged for the day. So, yes, we reluctantly agree that it’s a good idea to wear a Christmas jumper for just one day a year.

Avoid Christmas jumpers. What about a duffle jumper instead?

Given our distaste for Christmas jumpers, it won’t surprise you that we’ve come up with some alternatives. Introducing the new Mayfair Duffle:

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Don’t be misled by the word ‘duffle’ in the title. It IS a duffle coat, but because the outer layer is knitted, it feels like a jumper. It sits just on the hips and also boasts a waterproof lining and a removable hood. Its versatility means you can flit from party to party this festive season, staying warm and dry and looking amazing. Shop now: Mayfair Duffles for women.

Cardigans with toggles for men (and women)

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If, secretly, you’re after a Christmas jumper that isn’t quite a Christmas jumper, what about our cherry red toggle cardigan? Hand made in Britain, it’s 100% wool for maximum warmth this winter. And the festive colour means you’ll be able to feel part of the Christmas jumper tradition, without looking like a clown. Our toggle cardigans are currently on sale, so grab a Christmas bargain while stocks last! See also: Ladies cherry red toggle cardigan.

Choose a pure Merino wool sweater instead of a Christmas jumper

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We’ve talked before about the astonishing properties of Merino wool, but let’s revisit! Our 100% pure Merino wool sweaters are warm, breathable and extremely soft. And if pure wool usually irritates your skin, it’s worth trying a Merino wool jumper.

That’s because the wool from Merino sheep is silkier than from other breeds of sheep, and is often tolerated by those with even the most sensitive skin. See our range of Merino wool jumpers for men. Shop for Merino wool sweaters for ladies.

Have we convinced you that Christmas jumpers belong with the ghost of Christmas past? We hope so. And DON’T FORGET: to receive your order in time for Christmas, order before 1.00pm on the 22nd December.
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