The True Duffle Coat Devotee: Paddington Bear!

In the early 1950s a certain iconic bear turned up at Paddington station after he was orphaned following an earthquake in his native Darkest Peru. He was taken in and brought up by his aunt Lucy, sound familiar? Of course it does, that little iconic bear is none other than Paddington Bear!

When the words ‘duffle coat‘ are mentioned, to many this takes them back to the days of Paddington Bear, even those (like myself) who do not remember watching the iconic bear, know that he is definitely the duffle coats number one devotee, donning the garment day after day for decades.

Paddington’s little blue duffle coat, black hat and Wellington boots, for many was an iconic look, one which, in turn, would make the classic duffle coat somewhat of a household name. Of course Paddington bear set the standard for the duffle coats (along with marmalade sandwiches), which he loved so much that he never took it off!

Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children’s literature. He first appeared on 13 October 1958 and was subsequently featured in several books, most recently in 2008, written by the world famous Michael Bond and first illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. It is noted through history, that you will not find an illustration or image of Paddington Bear, where he is not wearing his beloved duffle coat; this is pure devotion if ever I have seen it!

So there you have it, from the British Royal Navy, to Paddington Bear, this iconic item of clothing has donned only the best, and it still, to this day, continues that quest. So why not bag yourself a duffle coat, it’s still fashionable 60 years after Paddington himself which surely means that it will always be fashionable.

Men, women, children, if there is one staple good to be had, it is definitely the duffle coat!