The duffle coat is the seasonal winner

OK, so we’re always singing the praises of the trusty duffle coat, and this season is seems that the fashion world is following suit. The duffle is making a well-deserved comeback with sales soaring by almost 60% in the last few months, the first time we’ve seen such a rise in over 50 years, with designers and high street retailers alike bringing it back into the spotlight.

Fashion insiders have a few ideas as to why it’s become so popular again. Tougher times and harsh winter weather has meant shoppers want to stay warm and comfortable with a coat that’s practical yet stylish, and it manages to channel this year’s military trend with ease. And, the impressive heritage of the duffle only adds to the appeal—it’s a true symbol of Britishness and the perfect way to show your colours, bringing with it a rugged individuality and a sense of Dunkirk spirit that’s perfect for the current climate.

The appeal doesn’t stop with the great British public, either. Paddington Bear is touted as being the first “celebrity” duffle coat wearer and was responsible for the first sales boost over 50 years ago, but he isn’t the only celeb to be a fan of the style. Other famous fans include the likes of Alexa Chung, Cheryl Cole, Christina Ricci, Kylie, Jude Law, Robbie Williams and the One Direction boys, and if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for us.

When you choose a duffle you can be confident that you’re in good company, and with a lot of designers giving the duffle a modern makeover you’re certainly not short of options. But, we don’t think you can beat the original—the thick material, trusty toggles and oversized pockets and hood makes it the perfect way to keep out the cold, so what are you waiting for? Get yourself a duffle to be a part of the revival and you’ll soon see why it’s a seasonal winner.