Spring showers!

As I flick through a collection of high-end glossy magazines, all I see for the first dozen pages is advertisements; Gucci, Prada, Guess, Miu Miu, Moschino, Chloe, you name it and it is advertising. But what has caught my eye more than the advertisements itself, is the items that are actually being advertised.

Of course due to the spring season in hand; there are many summer handbags, gorgeous sandals and many sunglasses adverts. However, what strikes me the most is the mixture of these summer items with winter items; in spring!

No, these fabulous designer brands haven’t already released their Autumn/Winter range, but due to the British Weather; coats and other such fashions that we associate with Autumn/Winter actually don’t fit into a season as such.

Burberrys new April Showers collection highlights this point even further. Burberrys new collection ‘celebrates weather fashion and music’. Its key pieces include many coats including a Mac, duffle coat, the all important umbrella and many more items ideal for those spring showers.

Personally, here at Duffle Coats UK, we think this is an innovative design idea, after all, last weekend was glorious for a large proportion of the UK, yet this week we have experienced wind, cold temperatures and rain showers. From this sudden switch in weather, it is clear to see why winter fashion essential such as the duffle coat, the Mac and other coats and jackets are definitely needed just as much in spring as they are in winter!

There you have it; the glossy magazines are showcasing autumn/ winter wear as well as summer wear with such designer brands as Burberry even showcasing such fashion items as duffle coats and umbrellas. So our advice, here at Duffle Coats UK, is to follow lead and get yourself a duffle coat or if you already have one; don’t put it to the back of the wardrobe just yet!