Some prefer leather

You want a jacket that stands the test of time, which will look good with any outfit, something that is smart but not too formal, yet cool and understated, then you need the coolest jacket in town, the leather jacket.

Leather Jackets appeared on the scene in the early 1900’s and were created for the aviation industry, hence the term “bomber Jackets” they were incredibly touch yet comfortable to wear and adopted as part of the uniform as pilots which would have to sit in open propeller planes. Due to the air pressure and temperature jackets incorporated sheepskin and fleece to keep the pilots warm.

Longer jackets were worn by the Russian Army to protect them from the cold winters.

The Leather jacket became iconic during the 20th century and was linked with the bright lights of Hollywood. Actors such as Jimmy Stewart and James Dean raised the popularity of the leather jacket. It became the seen in item to wear if you owned a motor bike, such as the Fonz from happy days and the T Birds in the musical film, Grease! Being leather, it was great protection against the elements when you were flying along the roads on your motorbike. Bomber Jackets became fashionable due to the film Top Gun and almost everyone had some style of leather jacket.

Over the past 50 years, Leather Jackets have been synonymous with bikers, such as the hells angels, which adorn their jackets with patches and logos. Punks, Goths, and Emo’s created a look which seemed quite intimidating, and recent films such as the Matrix bought long length leather jackets back into fashion.

Today you will find a brilliant array of leather jackets from biker styles to cropped, military, formal and bomber jackets, they are definitely something to have in your wardrobe, and really scream cool if you are dress in the correct attire.