Go eco-friendly this season

With all of us being urged to keep an eye on our carbon footprint and do out bit for the environment, we need to start being more eco-friendly in our daily lives. But, we can do far more than turning lights off and recycling—what about sustainable fashion? Eco-friendly clothing and accessories are becoming easier to source and mean we can stay stylish this season whilst upping our green credentials, truly being fashion with a conscience.

Sunglasses will be a key purchase at this time of year, but you don’t have to go for plastic versions that will clog up landfill once you’re done with them. Proof is a brand that offers handmade, sustainable wooden sunglasses (some pieces in the collection are made out of 100% recycled skateboard decks), and it donates a portion of its profits to optical surgery programmes in India. And, with Proof being a favourite of Beyoncé, you can be sure you’re in good company as you’re doing your bit.

What about watches? WeWood Australia has a loyal following with the likes of Gavin Rossdale and Kesha being fans, and it isn’t hard to see why—this brand produces luxury wooden watches that are lightweight, hypoallergenic and sustainable, and they even plant a tree with every watch sold. A lot of big names are turning their hand to sustainable creations as well, with the likes of H&M and TopShop offering eco-friendly capsule collections (in the case of TopShop, their collection is made from “upcycled” materials) whilst Levis has an initiative to use less water in the production of its legendary jeans, and even Puma is manufacturing a range of biodegradable footwear.

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to going green. It’s all about doing a bit of research to see what brands have the same values as you, and with more designers and retail outlets catching onto the idea of sustainable fashion you shouldn’t have too far to look. So, next time you’re out shopping try looking a little deeper than usual and you can be eco-friendly for a happy conscience and some great fashion choices too.