Go back to blue

Forget black—blue is the hot trend of the moment. Black may be the failsafe option but chances are you’re getting a bit bored of it, particularly if you’ve been holed up in less-than-inspiring layers as a result of the Arctic temperatures over the last few weeks, and that means now’s the perfect time to mix things up a bit. Blue is being spotted everywhere from the high street to the red carpet so it’s high time you got on board, and with so many ways to wear it you can’t go wrong.

With denim jeans being a wardrobe staple you might be thinking that you already wear blue on a regular basis, but luckily there’s more to it than that. You can incorporate a flash of blue into any outfit necessary whether you’re heading to work or out on the town, and even within the seemingly restricted area of denim you can go one step further than normal. Give the usual hue an upgrade with a colour-pop blue, instantly making your jeans ahead of the game, and you could even go all-out with a blue dress (the new LBD) or perhaps a statement blue top for work, rest or play.

If you’re after something on the subtler end of the scale you could keep it simple with a blue bag or pair of shoes, or wrap a thick blue scarf around you to keep the cold out during the final few weeks of winter. With so much on offer you’ll soon find something to fit the bill, so if you can’t beat the January blues why not join them? A few carefully-selected pieces could transform your wardrobe to leave you totally on-trend, with blue being the ultimate colour to freshen things up and beckon in the new season. Plus, it’ll be perfect with your traditional navy blue duffle…