Duffle Coats UK – Who and What

DufflecoatsUk are proud to be launching their new site. We stock Montgomery duffle coats, who are the original duffle coat manufacturer. The duffle offers everything – Quality and style. It is great to see Duffel coats being at the forefront of mainstream fashion once again.

Despite their wartime origins, duffle coats refuse to go out of fashion…

Our duffle coats have survived two world wars (I want to say and won one world cup), and the evolution of fashion for nearly 100 years to become the classic it is today

The list of celebs donning the jacket is endless. Most notably Paddington Bear and Jonathon Creek down to the not so fashion conscious Lily Allen, Kelly Osborne, Gwyneth Paltrow and model Laura Bailey recently seen wearing one at London Fashion Week, Rachel Hunter, Leah Wood, Sir Bob Geldof, Clint Eastwood and Torville & Dean and I forget the name???? The Royals. The duffle coat seems destined to always have a place in our heart alongside afternoon tea and Eastenders.

You don’t just get a coat when you buy a duffle – You get an ally against the elements. The quality and workmanship in these coats is perfection personified. You don’t start life as part of the uniform of the Royal Navy in the First World War if you’re not robust.

Here is a run down of some of the details.

These duffles are wool mix and Hand made in England. They are made from the finest Italian cloth from Tuscany, 70% wool and 30% mixed fibres. The wool is completely recycled to preserve precious resources, whilst the mixed fibres creates a smooth finish and prevents pilling and produces luxury softness. They all have the classic double sided fabric woven together, not stuck or glued like inferior copies! The two piece pancake shaped hood is closed with slide adjusters, including a detachable throat tab. The closures are leather with real buffalo horn toggles, with concealed zip for even greater warmth and all seams are bound in tonal edging fabric. I’ll stop there……………

The duffle coat remains largely unchanged to this day. The traditional coat still has legions of followers, and the coat continues to appeal to the style-conscious all over the world, and many conscientious parents buy duffle coats as part of their children’s school uniforms.

The vintage duffel is here to stay and we offer superior quality at superior prices!!

‘Keeping People Warm for Generations’