Dancing Duchess & Paddington Bear

Who can resist Paddington bear? His iconic cuddly warm duffle coat and floppy red hat managed to seduce even the duchess of Cambridge. Putting her morning sickness aside Dancing queen Kate and the famous bear twirled and shimmied on platform one at London’s Paddington station, where Michael Bond’s creation was found all those years ago.


As Kate, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry waved off a group of children from the station, as they embarked on a day trip in a vintage carriages pulled by a steam locomotion Paddington Bear, complete with his famous duffle coat and floppy hat, began dancing in front of them to music from a calypso band and, when he offered his hand to Kate, she took it.


Pictures of the marvellous couple flashed across the globe as the charming couple delighted the waiting crowd. Kate, who is pregnant with her third child, is suffering from severe form of morning sickness but made a surprise appearance at the event, where the youngsters met some of the stars of the new Paddington II movie – including Hugh Bonneville.


According to he Daily Mail, members of the royal trio’s Charities Forum had selected the children taking part as many were going through difficult times in their lives. William, Kate and Harry boarded the British Pullman to talk to the youngsters before the train took them on a journey through the English countryside.


The slender Duchess may have towered above the beloved bear but they moved in time together and Paddington even twirled Kate around to the amusement of William and Harry who were watching,


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